What am I needed for? by Rabbi Mendel Bluming

You were created by the Almighty on purpose. You serve an indispensable mission. Can any message be more empowering and essential?

The Torah teaches that you were created to serve, not to be served. Ani lo nivraisi elah lishamesh es koni… You were not created to have your needs met. After all why would G-d create you with needs just in order to have those needs met?! Seems like an exercise in futility.

YOU are needed! So in every interaction with your spouse, child, client etc ask: what am I needed for… Why did G-d bring me here now… what does He need from me? I am ready and willing!

Try it. It is a recipe not only for meaningful living but for truly happy living… try it!

Rabbi Mendel Bluming

Are you free?

An appreciation note from the holidays: “Every year we are criticized for never seeming to come out at a convenient time for you (sigh..). We are relieved to share that we have received a record few complaints this year being that the holiday days are on weekends, including the Seders. At a board meeting this afternoon we have decided to repeat the exact same schedule for next year’s Passover. Next year in Jerusalem! Sincerely yours, The Holidays 🙂 ” All kidding aside, There is actually a very deep message we can learn from the fact that Pesach begins and ends with Shabbat this year, a concept that gets to the heart of freedom.

Shabbos is not just a day to abstain from work, it is also a day devoted to seeking our own spiritual center, to better attune ourselves to the self that is one with the divine essence of all. Just as Shabbos rest is more than the absence of toil, so, too, the freedom of Passover is a dynamic freedom, not merely the absence of bondage.

Throwing off one’s fetters does not necessarily mean that one has entered into a state of freedom. Slavery is that condition in which a person is always subject to the will of another. Freedom, on the other hand, is the ability to act upon, and carry out, one’s own independent will. To be in tune with one’s soul’s deepest desires and live a focused life dedicated to those values…

May you forever be free! Rabbi Mendel Bluming

Torah Integrity

The Torah does not simply say to not lie but rather to DISTANCE yourself from falsehood (Mishpatim 23,7) Why not just say, “Do Not Lie” like “do not steal”?

Think about it – it’s the Torah’s guidance for how to live a life of integrity! Rabbi Mendel Bluming

Gmail and Passover

You may not see it but there are billions of bits of data flying in front of your eyes right now! Emails, Tweets, texts, phone conversations, newsfeeds, Bluetooth signals and the list goes on. All you need is a ‘vessel’ that is sensitive and receptive to that type of message and voila it is translated into conversations and valuable resources!

Spiritual treasures fly before us at various times of the year. If we are sensitive to these spiritual energies, we can make ourselves receptive to them and unleash their great power.

On Passover you can tap into personal liberty and freedom not available during the rest of the year. Seize this opportunity to free yourself of your personal Pharaoh. It may be an addiction or a nasty boss, it may be anger or the loss of a loved one etc. These can all hold us back and not allow our souls to soar.

World events like nuclear deals, spreading terrorism, droughts and Apple watches are all very important, in fact critical (maybe besides the watch) but they dare not allow us to become distracted from the personal issues we must all free ourselves of.

Passover is coming, now is the time. Prepare yourself to declare liberty from the Pharoah in your life!

Rabbi Mendel Bluming