Chanukah Message- Healing Your Soul

It was not by chance that the Greeks overlooked one small cruse of oil, there is a deep message that is being communicated.

No Greek in the world can defile that pure essence of yours! No abuse or neglect or catastrophe can touch that one small pure cruse of oil; the center core of your soul.

Tap into that pure cruse and reignite the menorah of your life!

Menachem M Bluming and

Does Mazel Tov Mean Congratulations?

​Mazel means a flow from above… tov means good or: a good flow from above. Mazel tov means may you be aligned with your soul above… May you appear below the way you are seen in your pristine essence above…

So mazel tov for the marriage really means may your marriage reflect the way a marriage should be from G-d’s perspective. Mazel tov upon your birthday means may the coming year below reflect the way it is seen in its full potential above!

Pretty deep blessing!!

Menachem Bluming and

You are Responsible Because You Matter

“A person is obligated to say: The entire world was created for my sake.” (Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a).

To a child, this is an absolute fact. He or she is the center and focus of all. Father and mother and the rest of the universe exist merely to cater to his needs.

The undesirable aspects of such an attitude are self-evident, and weeding out the negative in man’s base instincts is what education is all about. But the egocentric instinct that the child exemplifies has a positive side as well. A child has no problem dealing with an insignificance of self in face of humanity’s billions and the vastness of the universe. A child is utterly convinced that his or her existence has meaning and his/her deeds have consequence.

This is the child in ourselves that we must learn to cultivate: the conviction that our every thought and deed is of real, even global, significance.

If you have difficulty accepting this, ask your child 🙂 Or the child in you. adapted by Menachem M Bluming