Abraham as Your Life Coach

What would you give to have Abraham our Patriarch as your life coach?!!

Our upcoming course titled Strength and Struggle: Lessons in Character from the Stories of Our Prophets will explore real life questions through the prism of out Kings, Prophets and Judges. It will give you a full understanding of Biblical stories that remain enigmatic and foreign to most Jews and it will challenge you to dig deeper and to grow through their strengths and struggles:

· Do you consider yourself far wiser than people around you and there is not much that they can teach you?
· What would you be willing to risk to do what’s right?
· Do you believe that G-d has a plan for your life or that your life is pretty much up to chance?
· Do you judge people quickly?
· Do you believe that your wealth gives you license to act nasty at times?
· Do you think that every sin that YOU do no matter how egregious should be ultimately forgivable?
· Do you think that you know how to act in critical conversations or circumstances even without seeking advice?
· How do you re-ignite the flame when you feel burnout?
· Are you intimidated by people who seem too powerful for you to express your true feelings?
· What is the Torah’s inimitable path toward true soul teshuva/repentance?
· Do you think that it is fine to lie to your spouse (stuck in traffic) to avoid minor dispute?
· Do you see the good in others or are you drawn to their negative traits which glare out at you?
· Do you run from your calling or embrace it?

Menachem Mendel Bluming

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