Feeling Depleted Lately?

Feeling depleted lately? Exhausted? Drained? Simply not enough strength to keep on moving forward? Sometimes I feel like I am down to the very last drop… How do we keep on going?

…Gaze at the beautiful flames of the Chanukah Menorah, the soft lasting glow of the candles or oil flame seems to be telling us something very personal:
Those brave Maccabees; All they had was one small jug of oil really not enough to last for 8 days, they realistically did not have enough. Yet amazingly their flame kept on going and going and going…

Within your soul there is an endless indefatigable supply of pure oil that will keep our flame burning way past what we think we can reasonably handle. If we only apply its flame our souls draw on an infinite resource…

Menachem M Bluming and Chabad.org

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