You may not see it but there are billions of bits of data flying in front of your eyes right now! Emails, Tweets, texts, phone conversations, newsfeeds, Bluetooth signals and the list goes on. All you need is a ‘vessel’ that is sensitive and receptive to that type of message and voila it is translated into conversations and valuable resources!

Spiritual treasures fly before us at various times of the year. If we are sensitive to these spiritual energies, we can make ourselves receptive to them and unleash their great power.

On Passover you can tap into personal liberty and freedom not available during the rest of the year. Seize this opportunity to free yourself of your personal Pharaoh. It may be an addiction or a nasty boss, it may be anger or the loss of a loved one etc. These can all hold us back and not allow our souls to soar.

World events like nuclear deals, spreading terrorism, droughts and Apple watches are all very important, in fact critical (maybe besides the watch) but they dare not allow us to become distracted from the personal issues we must all free ourselves of.

Passover is coming, now is the time. Prepare yourself to declare liberty from the Pharoah in your life!

Rabbi Mendel Bluming

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