How to pray to God and get your requests granted!

Imagine if you owned a company and your employee asked you if they could fly first-class on business trips. You would ask why they are requesting this. If they tell you that it will make them look cool and they will be able to send great pictures to their friends, you may not consider it… However if they would tell you that they are aligned with the mission of your business and by flying first class they are able to arrive well rested and well prepared to do their best work for your company, you would be more likely to consider it.

When you pray to God don’t ask selfishly, after all the world was not created to serve you. Ask to be given the blessings that you need so that you can serve as the conduit that God needs for the goodness that you bring to this world! Tell God that you could accomplish so much more with better health, wealth and happiness! Then you are aligned and far more likely to have your request granted- after all you are a partner not a requester! Mendel Bluming

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