Menachem Bluming Muses: Coronavirus and The Spreading Virus

The panic and travel warnings and changes of business plans are great due to the spread of the coronavirus. I was interviewed for an article about it from a Jewish perspective and because you probably have not read that article, I will post it here 🙂

“So Rabbi Menachem Mendel Bluming are there any Jewish teachings, lessons or travel warnings that you are receiving internally regarding this virus?”, we asked.

“Before I proceed of course the Torah requires that we follow medical advice and I am not a doctor nor am I the CDC and so I encourage everyone to follow the advice of medical professionals”, Bluming began.

“Here are a few thoughts. In truth this season of the regular virus has been and continues to be catastrophic and yet it has not caused the same panic as the coronavirus. Somehow because we seem to be used to the regular virus each year we think that it is somewhat under control or under our control and it does not cause us fear. So too so many people engage in activities that are very dangerous to their health and yet it does not concern them because they are used to it.” Mendel Bluming continued.

“Spiritually as well. All too often we engage in spiritually risky behavior without the caution and the second thought that it deserves because it becomes part of normal society” Bluming counseled.

“Another thought is regarding the facemasks that so many are wearing. We recognize that a few droplets emanating from us spread very far and can have deleterious effects. Are we as careful when we speak to know how far our words spread and how widely those droplets we casually share can impact?” Bluming noticed.

“Most importantly,” Menachem Bluming asserted, “even a virus is ultimately in the hands of Hashem. In addition to heeding medical advice, the response should always be an increase in words of Torah, payer and giving tzedakah. G-d bless you with protection!”

Menachem (Mendel) Bluming and Rabbi YCK

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