Menachem Bluming Muses: Do Not Fear

Can you guess what is the most often repeated two word phrase in the entire Torah/ Tanach/ Bible? “Al Tira” do not fear is mentioned 44 times! Add to that another 26 times in which it is said in the plural (al tirau), or as many as 110 times when you include other slight variations of the tense. On one occasion or another G-d said do not fear to each of our forefathers!

Why is not being afraid so important? What do you think?

Here are some thoughts:

Fear shuts you down. It causes you to hide and to run away. You have so much to accomplish in life through the mission tailored specifically to you. Fear is the antithesis of living life broadly and proudly and tenaciously.

Fear makes you feel that you are all alone. Faith means that G-d has your back and cares about you, you are never alone even in your most difficult times.

Do not fear!

Mendel Bluming, Maryland

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