Menachem Bluming Muses: Do You Notice Miracles?

There are two ways of living:

You can make mountains out of molehills or you can make miracles out of molecules…

You can see life as a series of disasters to overcome or a series of miracles to behold.

What is your life like? Are you surrounded by miracles or by melancholy? By fear or promise?

Ultimately when the way that you see things around you changes the conditions around you seem to change as well.

Sometimes it takes a frightening illness or a great setback or fear of losing a loved one to start noticing the miracles. Sometimes it just takes saying the modeh ani prayer with concentration in the morning.

Sometimes we look on with curiosity and slight jealousy at those who instead of making mountains out of mole hills seem to see miracles even in the molecules.

What is the truth of your world?

Menachem (Mendel) Bluming taken from many sources

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