Menachem Bluming Muses: Genius of the Heart

There are several different types of genius. There is genius of the mind, like Einstein. There is musical genius, as in Mozart, and artistic genius, like Rembrandt. Shakespeare would be a genius of the pen. There are sporting geniuses and business geniuses. Each one possesses an uncanny ability to excel in their field, and do what they are good at with a flair and panache that sets them apart from others.

But there is another type of genius, perhaps greater than them all. That is genius of the heart.

There are many kind-hearted people. But a genius of the heart is on another level. Such a person acts with love and care that goes beyond normal niceness. They don’t just do good. They are brilliant in their benevolence, creative in their kindness. They find their way into everyone’s heart, because theirs is so open and loving.

This was Abraham. He had a knack for not only being kind to people, but making them feel good about it. He is the host that makes guests feel wanted in his home. He is the donor that thanks the charity for the opportunity to give. He is the volunteer that makes the organization feel like they are the ones doing him a favor. That’s a genius of generosity. 

This is why Abraham’s tent had doors on all four sides. Wherever you arrived from, you felt welcome. Whatever your background, whichever road brought you there, you felt that this is where you are meant to be. You don’t even need to walk around to find the door. Just walk right in. The door was made just for you.

We, the children of Abraham, can emulate his brilliant benevolence. He taught us that being a giver is itself a gift, and we are all here to share our blessings with others. Some have time, others money, and some just have a smile. Whatever you have, open the doors of your heart and let your goodness flow.

Sporting geniuses get the accolades, business geniuses make the millions, and geniuses of the mind come up with relatively great theories. But someone who can do kindness like Abraham, that’s a true genius.

Rabbi Mendel (Menachem) Bluming and Rabbi Moss

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