Menachem Bluming Muses: I’ve heard that before!

The Talmud in tractate Niddah page 30 famously teaches us that a fetus while still in its mother’s womb is taught the entire Torah. Before the baby is born it is made to forget everything that it studied in utero.

What exactly is the value of studying the entire Torah if you are not going to remember it once you enter the real world??? Isn’t that an exercise in futility…

Here’s a thought…

There is a deep type of deja vu. It’s called resonance. You hear an insight, a teaching, a truth, and although you have never heard it before, you know it is right. The idea rings true, seems familiar and comfortable, you are at home with it. It’s what you always knew, but had never put into words.

This happens when you study authentic Torah. You hear its message, and you know deep down that it is true. This is because you have heard it before. Our souls are taught the divine truths before we enter this world, but we forget it all at birth. However, an imprint remains, a faint memory, so we will know truth when we find it.

There are many false ideas and temporary fads that sound nice, and may gain much popularity, but on the deepest level they do not resonate with us. Our mission on earth is to search for the divine message, to put aside momentary distractions and regain that eternal truth, the truth our soul is waiting to hear again.

This is real deja vu. Have you heard that before?

Menachem Mendel Bluming and Rabbi Moss

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