Menachem Bluming Muses: Remind Me To Live

Do you know the song that is sung over and over again over Rosh Hashanah: “Zachreinu Lichaim Melech Chafetz Bachayim…” Remember us G-d for life, we pray over the High Holidays.

The basic meaning of it is a prayer to G-d for life in this coming year, undoubtedly a critical prayer, especially during a lingering pandemic.

There is a deeper meaning too. Zachreinu can mean remember us and REMIND us. Zachreinu Lichaimn can thus mean “G-d please remind us to live this year!”

Please G-d don’t allow this to just be a year during which I wait for Covid to end and the S&P to improve. A year during which on Monday I look forward to Friday…

Protest the time that is robbed from you, that slips through your fingers.

Time is so precious… Our lives are so fleeting…. If you are reading this note you are the oldest that you have ever been in your life… and the youngest that you will ever be!

In every stage of life we look forward to the next stage because then we will really make it… Remind me G-d to live today!

Don’t let me be alive just because I haven’t died yet… Don’t allow me to forget this year how precious my life is and how valuable every moment is.

Zachreinu Lichaim. Remind me G-d to LIVE FULLY this year!

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming from many sources

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