Menachem Bluming muses: The Nationals Win World Series 2019!

Isn’t it interesting that the Nationals lost all three of the games in their own stadium and won all four of the games in Astros Minute Maid Park? Traditionally it is easier to win a game on one’s home turf because you have the encouragement of the fans, the benefit of having slept in your own bed rather than travelling and staying at hotels and a much more familiar playing field, after all, half of your annual games are played at home! Yet the Nationals won every game when they were away and lost every game at home (same with the Astros).

We read this week about Noah’s Ark. Water raged around him and yet he and his family were safe and focused on rebuilding a kinder more generous world. So too each of us has the ability, even when we are away from our home familiarity and even when stormy waters seek to crash us and drown us from all sides, to build an ark of protection in which we can find clarity and vision for our futures.

Congratulations for the Nationals win! Besides the happiness that they brought to the community, they showed that you don’t need to be in familiar comfortable surroundings to bring out the best in you!

Menachem Mendel Bluming is a rabbi in Potomac Maryland and the Washington Nationals are the local baseball team.

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