Menachem Bluming Muses: Why Cicadas?

Large swaths of the States of Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia are blanketed by billions of cicadas. If you don’t live in the states, you have no idea what I am talking about but if you live there, they are a big part of your life during these weeks of Spring 2021.

After burrowing underground for 17 years the cicadas await their grand exit into the world for a short few weeks to accomplish their mission.

What do they do for these few weeks? They mate and bring little cicadas into the world and then they pass away…

Maybe what the cicadas are teaching us is to never devalue the magnificent privilege and calling of marriage and welcoming children into this world. For that their entire wait and their entire lifetime becomes worthwhile…

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming

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