Menachem Bluming Muses: Why Do I Worry?

Miraculous food was provided from heaven in the desert for the Jewish people each day. But there was a catch. You were only allowed to take enough for one day and if you took more than you needed for one day, that extra food would spoil (Exodus chapter 16).

How would you feel if you were eating a wonderful dinner but you had not a morsel of food left after this meal? Would you be able to eat comfortably knowing that you were consuming your last scrap of food?

The desert was the training ground for the future of the Jewish people. If God provided for me yesterday can I trust that He will provide for me tomorrow…

When my pantry and bank accounts are full, I feel that I need not trust in God, I can trust in them.

What would it take for me to trust that everything will be okay? If God provided for me yesterday can I trust that he will be there for me tomorrow without worry?

So yes, the manna was miraculous food. Each day it descended from heaven ready-to-eat but it beckoned of us to let go. We were invited to focus on our mission and our purpose rather than ensuring that will have food for tomorrow. We were reminded that we don’t live in order to eat.

Was God asking too much of us then? Is He asking too much of us today?

May God always bless you with plenty and may you and I respond by letting go of worry.

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming

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