Menachem Bluming Muses: Your Continuity

A fish out of water does not die immediately. In fact, a fish out of water seems quite lively. It flips and flops and dances around, seemingly more active than it was before. An ignorant observer may think that the fish is better off on dry land, free from the confines of the sea. Just look how vibrant and energetic it has become!

But we know the truth. This tragic dance will not last. All that intense movement is not an indication of good health, it is a desperate and hopeless grasp at life.

A Jew without Torah is a fish without water (teaching of Rabbi Akiva, Talmud Brochos 61b). We can flip flop for a while, jumping from one ideology to another, this save-the-universe cause or the next, but it won’t last. You can only stay Jewish without Torah for a generation, maybe two. Then the flipping and flopping stop altogether.

This is not about being orthodox. It’s about being immersed in genuine Judaism. And that is open to anyone. In your own way, with your critical mind and passionate heart, engage in the conversation of Torah and bring Jewish observance into your home. That will ensure the Jewish future, just as it has defined the Jewish past. Everything else is just flip flopping.

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming and many other sources

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