Menachem Bluming Muses: Your Life

Sefirat Haomer is the mitzvah to count the days from Passover until Shavuot the holiday of the giving of the Torah.

The message is that you cannot be truly free (Passover’s message) until you can account for your time.

I did a project for a few agonizing weeks and I assure you that it is not easy. It is humbling and painful 🙂 On a large notepad I literally wrote down every five minutes what I was doing and how I was spending my time. It forced me to rethink how I would use the next five minutes knowing that I would have to write it down. It took away the excuse that I have no time and am overwhelmed because somehow I seemed to have been so many pockets of time available for distractions or least things that could have been avoided.

To be accountable for your time is one of the most important challenges of our age because of social media and the constant distractions that bombard us.

Judaism’s message is that although Passover is the holiday of freedom, you are not really free to live whom you want to be and whom you could be, until you are accountable for your time. Therefore each night we say this was one day, this was two days, this was three days etc how have I spent my day…

Menachem Mendel Bluming and Rabbi Katz

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