Menachem Mendel Bluming Muses: Visual Aid for How to be a Jew

The keys to being a Jew are in your hand, when you hold your Lulav.

The Lulav (palm branch) reminds us to stand proudly as a lulav does. Do not cower. Keeping our Judaism quiet has never healed anti-Semitism and never built our next generation. Stand proud of your rich heritage and people.

Your Etrog is similar to the shape of a heart. Have a heart for another. Reach out with kindness and goodness to each other.

The Hadasim (myrtle leaves) are shaped like eyes. Watch what you allow your eyes to gaze at. The movies, websites and TV shows and even news casts that you allow yourself to watch. Have a good eye for another. Not everything that knocks needs to be allowed in.

The Arravot, willows, represent your lips. Speak carefully. Speak positively, kindly and wisely.

Right after the High Holidays G-d provides us with a visual aid to guide our path forward as Jews.

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming

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