Question to Menachem Bluming: what existed before the world was created?

It’s beyond the human brain to grasp, but there was no before… Time itself was created!

Here’s an analogy to understand “no time”… When did 2 + 2 begin equaling 4? Of course that’s silly, it is not bound by time.

The first creation was Time and from there G-d continuously creates time. Each breath, each tick, each beat of the heart comes only once, created by G-d.

Every instant of life is a raw but precious jewel, beckoning, pleading, “Unlock my secret, do with me something to reveal my purpose of being! For I am here only this one time, and then never again.”

And so that is our primary mission: To elevate time and make it holy.

Menachem Mendel Bluming, Rabbi T. Freeman and

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