Rosh Hashanah Apples in Honey

So here’s a twist on an old story that has been circulating for years:

A young girl held two apples which she planned to dip into honey on Rosh Hashanah, as we do traditionally.

Her mum came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile; my sweetie, could you give your mum one of your two apples?

The girl looked up at her mum for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite out of one apple, and then quickly of the other.

The mum felt the smile on her face freeze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mum, and said: mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one! This one is for you!

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgement.

As the Mishnah (Avos Mishna 1:6) teaches: always judge another favorably.

On Rosh Hashanah we ask that of G-d and He expects us to exemplify that with each other.

Rabbi Mendel Bluming who has served the Chabad Potomac Maryland community since 2000, leads Rosh Hashanah services each year which are available to all. Menachem Mendel Bluming and the Chabad Shul of Potomac wishes you and yours a Shanah tovah!

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