Why Do Some Die Young?!

The mystery of death and dying is one that we cannot truly understand. Why some souls come down here for a mere few years, only to be taken away from us, we cannot explain.
Every soul is assigned a mission and we do not choose how many years will be allotted to fulfilling that mission. We hope that it will be 120 years but some are less. We do our best to take life’s clues as to what our mission is but life remains mysterious; beyond human comprehension.

That leaves a lot of pain for relatives who remain alive who miss the departed… Nothing can replace the physical touch of a hug, the pleasure of seeing and interacting with a loved one.

But we know that only the body dies, not the soul. And it is the soul of a person whom we love. Our connection with our loved ones is not with their physical presence, but their person, their love, their spirit. And that relationship never goes away. It just takes another form…

May you and your loved ones live long! Cherish life and embrace every moment!

Menachem Mendel Bluming

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