Why Reward a Child for Doing What is Right?! by Mendel Bluming

Maimonides (1135-1204), one of the greatest Jewish thinkers and sages of all time, advises motivating a child by promising, “read, and I will give you a nut or a fig.”

But wait are you not teaching a child to do what is right for reward, why not teach them to do what is right BECAUSE it is the right thing to do?!

Here’s a teaching from the Rebbe: The child was saying I cannot clean my room I just can’t! I cannot do my homework, I just can’t! Now you gave her a lolly and suddenly she can! What have you shown her? You have shown her/him that what they considered impossible is doable! Just because your mind or heart tells you that accomplishing something is impossible should not prevent you or deter you- you can overcome it!

Now THAT is education… with a spoonful of honey!

From Mendel Bluming

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