Menachem Bluming Muses: Are You Happy?

Imagine if the entire world was destroyed and only you and your family was saved by being on a specially designed ark. The water has subsided and all of mankind has been wiped out and now you open the hatch to finally leave the Ark. Before you do that you sit down with your family and discuss how to build a new world.

What would you do first to build a new reality?

The first thing Noah does is plant a vine for grapes; he drinks and he becomes drunk. He drank too much but his thought process might have been the following. You cannot build this world without happiness and joy. If we are infused with happiness in our lives we will be far more driven to do what is right and selfless. Generally when we act selfishly it is because we are feeling down and insecure. Happiness and joy leads to giving and seeing the best in the other.

So he said Lchaim! Alcohol was a bad choice but seeking happiness and joy makes a lot of sense.

How do you act when you are happy? What are you doing to actively create a happier atmosphere in your home?

The Torah teaches that all the difficulties in life come when we do not serve G-d joyfully (Devarim Deuteronomy 28). Live your mission, your every day, with joy!

Mendel (Menachem) Bluming, Maryland

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