Menachem Bluming Muses: Why Israel?

G-d turns to Abraham and says, “I would like to make you into a great Nation but first go to the Land that I will show you, Israel. Only there will I make you a great nation.”

If G-d ultimately wanted to give him a set of laws and rules to live by what difference would it make where he lives? Jews are observant in keeping the Torah in Russia and Argentina, the USA and Greece why could G-d not make Abraham His chosen nation until Abraham went to Israel?

G-d’s purpose in creation is for you and I to make G-dliness comfortable within the physical world. Israel is meant to be a manifestation of that mission. An entire land that expresses clearly its G-dly connection. G-d was making that clear to Abraham at the onset.

If you create a corner in your home that is expressive of a higher calling. If your refrigerator reflects the food that G-d wants you to eat. If the books in your home express a spiritual calling and G-d given mission not only have you done holy things, you have made that space holy. Israel is the full manifestation and expression of that mission.

Next year in Jerusalem!

Menachem Mendel Bluming

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