Why Giftwrap? by Rabbi Mendel Bluming

An item is not a gift… You do not bring towels or dishes to a weeding for the bride- you bring a gift. You don’t bring a necktie or a book to a bar or bat mitzvah- you bring a gift. It is in a gift box with a ribbon and bow and a card.

Gift wrapping sends a message to the recipient. I hope you want or need this, but please understand that this gift is merely a token. It cannot begin to capture or express everything you mean to me.

It is not an item that I am giving, but an expression of my feeling that I am conveying.

Are you just tending to your children’s needs or giftwrapping it?

Do you giftwrap your mitzvahs?

When you take care of an elderly parent do you giftwrap it?

by Rabbi Mendel Bluming

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